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Our school successfully defended the University staffs’ basketball championship
Author:      Published Time:2013-11-26      Views:

After a week of intense competition, the South-Central University for Nationalities annual men's basketball competition was concluded in afternoon, October 29. In this season we win all four battles and escalate into the final in which we beat the Jiguan team with 42:37 score. Such excellent performances make us Four consecutive championships.

The South-Central University for Nationalities annual men's basketball competitions have one of the most participants and the audience among all the activities on campus, and thus are highly valued by each department. So the final rival attracted numerous audience from all over the campus which ignited the heated atmosphere that day. The Vice President of South-Central University for Nationalities Zhao Xiaoshan, the party secretary of the school Ba Yuxi , Dean Chen Shaoping , vice Dean Hou Jianhua , deputy secretary Chan Changhua and other relevant departments' leaders were also  presented and watched this popular hot spot, which cheered our team up.

We stood on the upside at the initial stage of the competition, and won the first segment with 14:9. After short rest we continued to retain our strength till the end of the first half, still staying ahead with a score of 22:17. The third segment was even fiercer that we made the difference as big as 11 points, which concluded this segment with 32:21. In the last segment, thought the strength of both sides were down a little bit, the spirit were even higher. After several effective but not fruitful attacks, Jiguan Team finally failed to catch up. During the game, the Lab leader Qisheng Peng was presented himself to cheer the team up with students, which pushed the atmosphere to an even more heated level.

After end of the game, the Vice President Zhao awarded prizes to all winners, taken memorable photos.