Undergraduate Program for Major of Telecommunication Engineering
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Undergraduate Program for Major of Telecommunication Engineering
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I.        Educational Objectives

The program is designed to provide a thorough grounding in the theoretical principles and knowledge of information retrieval, its transfer, its processing and application in the field of electronics and information. It remains committed to systematic education as an education for high-level researchers and doers, who have particular interests in the area of electron, communication, computer, automation, optical information and information sensing. Students with good command of English and personality of innovation can prepare for any professional role they might choose - research, design, integration, practice in information technology industries, research institutes, universities, the professions and other community groups.

II.        Requirement and Features

Our characteristic is based on circuits and signal processing and heading at communication systems design and application. Students have not only solid and broad theoretic fundamentals, but also ability of practice and innovation. After the learning of basic courses in disciplines, students may major in one or two fields like electronic and information, telecommunication, computer science, automation, optical information and information sensing.

Students are expected to gain the following:

   Ø  Sound grounding in both mathematics and physics;

   Ø  Principles of information science, electronics and computer science;

   Ø  Skills in research and problem solving;

   Ø  Skills to understand the development and trend in the discipline;

   Ø  Skills to use English language;

   Ø  Ability to do documentary search, data query and thesis writing;

   Ø  Attainment in humanities and art, cooperative and organizational skills;

   Ø  Sense of creation and innovation. 

III.    Length of Schooling and Degree

    Duration:  4 years

     Degrees Conferred: Bachelor of Engineering

IV.    Major Disciplines

     Information and Telecommunication Engineering 

V.      Main Courses

Circuit TheorySignal and SystemAnalog CircuitDigital CircuitPrinciple of MicrocomputerHigh Frequency CircuitPrinciples of CommunicationInformatics and codingDigital Signal ProcessingProbability and Mathematic StatisticsElectromagnetic Field and Wave

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