Undergraduate Program for Specialty in Optical Information Science and Technology
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Undergraduate Program for Specialty in Optical Information Science and Technology
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I.                   Educational Objectives

The program aims to provide students with a solid foundation in the basic theories and knowledge in laser technology and information engineering. Students with good command of English and innovation are qualified for the professions they might choose in optics, electronics, computer or communication. They are fit for jobs of research, teaching, design, manufacture or management in information technology industries, research institutes, universities and other groups.

II.       Requirement and Features

Our program has circuits and signals processing as the basis, and optoelectronic technology and information processing as the orientation. Students will not only have solid and broad theoretic foundation, but also be capable of practice and innovation. After taking basic courses in disciplines, students may major in one or two fields of electronics and information, telecommunication, computer science, automation, optical information and information sensing.

Students are expected be trained in the following aspects:

        1.      Solid foundation in both mathematics and physics;

        2.      Principles of information science, optoelectronics and computer science;

        3.      Skills in research and problem solving;

        4.      Skills to understand the development and trend in the discipline;

        5.      English language;

        6.      Ability to do documentary search, data query and thesis writing;

        7.      Attainment in humanities and art, cooperative and organizational skills;

        8.      Spirit of creation and innovation. 

III.     Length of Schooling and Degree

      Duration:  4 years

     Degrees conferred:  Bachelor of Scienceor Engineering)   

IV.      Major Disciplines

Physics, Electronic Science and Technology, Computer Science and Technology 

V.        Main Courses

Analog Circuit, Digital Circuit, Digital Signal Processing, Principles of Communication, Principle of Microcomputer, Quantum Mechanics, Physics Optics, Applied Optics, Principle and Technology of Laser, Fiber Optics, Optical Experiments, Experiments of Laser Theory, Experiments of Optoelectronic Technologies

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