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Institute of Smart Optical Communications Technology
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NO.1 Introduction

      Institute of Smart Optical Communications Technology(ISOC) is operated by College of Electronics and Information Engineering, South-Central University For Nationalities. Based on tracking the trend of "soft light" and "convergence" in the field of International Optical Communications, ISOC focuses on making good use of itself advantages since when it was proposed to operate in 2006.It currently serves as  an important part of university for both the scientific research and also the students education.

The institute is dedicated to both theory and technology research for the  implementation of  Next Generation Optical Network. By means of optical and  photonics technology, ISOC’s research interest covers from optical data acquisition, processing, transmission and information exchange, key technology of intelligent photonics devices, broadband all-optical communication, system and network. Recently, ISOC mainly focuses on technologies for convergence of optical  and wireless communication, control and management of all-optical communication network, and also all-optical signal processing. The long-term goal of ISOC is to supply theory and technique solutions to Optical Access Network, Optical Transportation Network and Intelligent Optical Sensing Network. 

Since established, ISOC has taken 2 projects supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China,4 projects supported by Natural Science Foundation of Hubei Province,1 project supported by State Ethnic Affairs Commission,1 project supported by State Forestry Bureau,1 project supported by the Open Foundation of Hubei Key Laboratory of Intelligent Wireless Communications, and 1 project supported by  Science and Technology Research Program of Wuhan. ISOC has achieved some initial results in areas such as the Key technology of Wavelength Router in Automatically Switched Optical Network, Access Control Algorithm of  Hybrid Fiber-radio Network, Conflict Solution Mechanism of Optical Burst Switching Network, Photonic Crystals Devices, Slow Light Waveguides, Orbital Angular Momentum Communications. ISOC has also published more than 60 Journals papers in various famous academic magazines, such as “Optics Express” “Optics Letters” “IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics” “IEEE Photonics Technology Letters” “OPTICAL Engineering” “Optical Fiber Technology” “Photonic Network Communications” “Journal of Optical Communications” “Journal of Electronics & Information Technology” “Chinese Journal of Lasers” “ Journal of  Optoelectronics Laser” .Many group members in ISOC have participated  in various authoritative academic conferences periodically and have published 15 conference papers. So far, ISOC has obtained seven patents—three  National Invention Patent of China ,three Utility Model Patent and one Software Copyright. Moreover, ISOC has also undertaken a number of cooperation projects with various enterprises from industry.

NO.2 Members

Lab Director: Yang Chunyong, Doctor, Professor.


Zhong Zhiyou, Doctor, Professor.

Chen Jiafeng, Doctor, Associate Professor.

Li Chunfang, Doctor, Associate Professor.

Hou Jin, Doctor, Assistant Professor.

Wang Wenzhen, Master, Assistant Professor.

NO.3 Projects

1.        Fast Handoff controlling by Photoelectric Joint for  Wideband Wireless Communication with  Ground  Ultrahigh  Mobility.It is supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China for Young Researchers.

2.        Slow Light in Nanostructures and its Mechanism in Light Enhancement, It is supported by the Natural Science Foundation of China.

3.        Research on  One-dimension Slow Light Waveguide. It is supported by Overseas foundation of the China Scholarship Council.

4.        Key technology of  Slow light delay in  Photonic Crystal. It is supported by Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities.

5.         Study on the Preparation and Optical &Electrical Properties of FOLED Flexible Indium-Free Transparent Electrodes.

6.        It is supported by Natural Science Foundation of Hubei Province.

7.        A New reconstruction Algorithm of real-time detection  CT for Asymmetric   Dynamic  Field. It is supported by Natural Science Foundation of Hubei Province.

8.        Study on Multi-element-layer Film Anode of D/M/D type and Flexible Organic Solar Cells. It is supported by Natural Science Foundation of Hubei Province.

9.        Technology of Handoff Management  for  Millimeter Wave in Hybrid Fiber-radio Network, It is supported by Natural Science Foundation of Hubei Province.

10.    Demonstration Research on Davidia involucrata Baill Protection and its Habitat Monitoring System. It is supported by Wildlife Protection Management Foundation of  the  National Forestry Bureau.

11.    Research on Optical Orbital Angular Momentum Signal Excited in Micro Fibers. It is supported by the Open Foundation of Hubei Key Laboratory of Intelligent Wireless Communications.

12.    Research on Environmental Parameters Monitoring and Technology of Network Transmission for Facility Agriculture. It is supported by Science and Technology Research Program of Wuhan.

13.    Research on Optimization Algorithm and Application in Communication Ne-work of Intelligent Ant Colony. It is supported by Natural Science Foundation of South-Central University for Nationalities.

14.    Research on Conflict Solution Mechanism of Optical Burst Switching Net-work. It is supported by Natural Science Foundation of South-Central University for Nationalities.

15.    The Implementation of SMPP Interface for PHS Short Message Service Protocol. It is a Project of University-Enterprise cooperation

16.    Anti-Clone System for Terminal in Mobile Communication Network. It is a project of University-Enterprise cooperation.

17.    Digitized Transformation and Virtual Terminal for CHZ Sea Gravimeter.  It is a project of University-Enterprise cooperation.

NO.4 Publications

(A) Journals

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