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Cheng Yanfu


Interest areas: Electronic transmission of the graphene, the bound states of wave function

Courses: College physics, Physical experiment, advanced atomic physics


OfficeCollege of Electronics and Information Engineering, South-Central University for Nationalities

Post Code: 430074

Education and teaching experience

·           1978-1981, Physics Department, Jingzhou Normal College.

·           1981-1995, Jingzhou education College.

·           1990-1993, Physics Department , Sichuan Normal University, M.Ed. Degree.

·           1995-2000, Jianghan Petroleum College.

·           2001- South-Central University for Nationalities.

Teaching and scientific research

 As a physical teacher, I’m engaged in physics teaching and physical experiment for a long time. Presiding and joining three teaching research programs, I win a second prize of the provincial teaching achievement and a third prize and undertake the provincial quality curriculum of college physics. There are more than 40 articles published, including 10 SCI articles, 2 textbooks. My research includes coherent states, the exact solution of Dirac equation and electronic transmission of the graphene, etc.