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Xiang HE
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Xiang He

Professor, Master Supervisor

E-mail: hesun@scuec.edu.cn

Phone Number: 027-67843890

Office: 4#-118



M.S., Plasma Physics, Department of Physics, South-central University for Nationalities, 1990

B.S., Solid State Physics, Department of Physics, Sichuan University, 1981


Research Areas

Surface modification of materials

Computer application software


Completed Projects

Study on new technology of ceramics on material surface by plasma electrolysis, provincial or ministry level project, 2007

Study on automatic control system for plasma surface treatment of materials, provincial or ministry level project, 2002

The development of power supply for preparation of bio-ceramic films on titanium alloy surface, commissioned project from company, 2009


Honors and Awards

Three eight red-banner pacesetter in SCUEC, 2006

The outstanding instructor of science and technology innovation activities in SCUEC, 2005

First prize in Multimedia Classroom Teaching Competition in SCUEC, 1999

The Advanced Women Worker of the university in Hubei Province, 1998

First prize of the 4th Excellent Teaching Award in SCUEC, 1997