Cui-Tao ZHU
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Cui-Tao ZHU
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Contact Information

Zhu Cuitao


Member of the National Academy of Communications


708 Minyuan Road Hongshan District Wuhan Hubei Province P.R. China 430074

Phone: (86) 02767842854



Ph.D., The Huazhong University of Science and Technology, 2008, Information and Communication Engineering

M.S., The Huazhong University of Science and Technology, 1999, Communication and Information system

B.S., the University of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, 1992, computer communications


Interest Areas:

My general interests are in the areas of optimization theory, signal processing for wireless communications, estimation, and detection theory. Specific areas of expertise have included multi-target optimization, information fusion, Bayesian inference, and decision network theory and applications. Current research focuses on:

l  Cognitive Radio and Wideband Wireless Communications

wideband spectrum sensing, dynamic spectrum management, network resource allocation, synchronization, multiple access, interference suppression

l  Distributed Information Processing

decentralized algorithms for optimal information processing, compressed sensing in Cognitive Radio networks, multi-target tracking and localization, data fusion

l  Compressed Sensing, Statistical Signal Processing and Probabilistic Inference

compressive sampling, sparse signal representation and processing, design and analysis of rapid signal recovery techniques, Bayesian network inference and applications