Brief introduction of our college
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Brief introduction of our college
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The College of Electronics and Information Engineering (CEIE) offers three undergraduate programs: the Telecommunication Engineering (TE), the Electronics and Information Engineering (EE), and the Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering (OISE). The College also offers two 1st-level disciplines of academic master program including in Information and Communication Engineering and in Optical Engineering, and 1 engineering master program in Electronics and Communication Engineering. The college’s disciplines of TE and EE are Key Disciplines granted by the State Ethnic Affairs Commission, and the sub-discipline Communication and Information System is included in Hubei provincial Chutian Scholar Plan. At present, the college's enrollment is over 2,000 with about 1,800 undergraduate students and 120 graduate students.

CEIE has a highly qualified and dedicated team of teachers. Currently, there are a total of 89 full-time faculty members, including 11 professors, 31 associate professors, 41 PhD recipients, 70 master’s recipients, 1 discipline appraising group expert at Department of Information Science in National Natural Science Foundation of China, 1 National model teacher, 1 expert receiving government special allowance of the State Council, 2 experts receiving the government special allowances distributed by Hubei province, 2 remarkable teachers of the university, 1 Hubei provincial Chutian young Scholar and 1 expert listed in Second Levels of First Major Talent Project of Hubei province. CEIE supplies first-class conditions and environment for education. It has built 4 comprehensive laboratories for training: the electronic and information engineering laboratory, communication engineering laboratory, the optoelectronic information science and technology laboratory, the communication engineering laboratory, and the undergraduate’s scientific research creative laboratory. These 4 major laboratories are constituted by 32 smaller branch laboratories. The total area of these laboratories is around 4,000 m2 and the total value of the equipments is over 30 million RMB yuan. CEIE also has 4 stable professional practice and training bases, which can accommodate more than 100 students training at the same time.

CEIE sticks to strengthen disciplines construction to promote specialties’ development. The college has built up three provincial and ministerial level key laboratories: the Hubei Key Laboratory of Intelligent Wireless Communications, the State Ethnic Affairs Commission Key Laboratory of Telecommunication Engineering and the State Ethnic Affairs Commission Key Laboratory of Electronics and Information Engineering. CEIE has also established 8 smaller specialty laboratory and engineering research center: the wireless communications and communication signal processing laboratory, the image processing and intelligent system laboratory, the intelligent optical communications technology laboratory, the space ionosphere detection and shortwave communications laboratory, the modern switching and broadband communication laboratory, the plasma physics laboratory, the laser spectra applications laboratory, and the electronics information research and development center.

CEIE has been insisting on combining the basic research with engineering applications. It focuses on the solutions to key scientific problems in disciplines development, the issues in the social and economy fields, the needs of businesses and the transformation of the scientific achievements into industries. In recent 5 years, CEIE has undertaken 24 National Level Scientific Projects, 26 Provincial and Ministerial Level Scientific Projects, and 30 application projects funded by enterprises or other sources from society. Academic atmosphere in CEIE is very active, and the level of academic research is increasing every year. After years of efforts, CEIE has formed its own discipline characteristics and advantages in modern communication theory and technology, image and video processing, power and electronic technology, space ionosphere detection and instrument research, application research of laser spectrum, plasma technology and so on.

CEIE gives top priority to the enhancement of talents’ quality. The college continuously updates educational concepts and ideas, and carries out reforms of the talents training model and of the teaching methods in order to meet the new situation’s requirement. It has obtained a series of fruitful achievements in many education components such as talents training modes, the course system, the teaching methods and the practice education. CEIE has also accumulated a large number of high-quality teaching resources, and its education quality has risen up to a new level. In recent years, CEIE has built 1 special major of national grade, 2 experimental teaching demonstration centers of Hubei province, 1 teaching team in colleges and universities of Hubei province, and 2 excellent courses of Hubei province.

CEIE is also famous for its strict teaching management system. It makes use of scientific and strict teaching management system to guarantee undergraduate courses running in a high level, so CEIE maintains both a merit style of teaching and a merit style of studying. The college also attaches great importance to the construction of ethics of teachers, and requires teachers to influence students by using their words and act. CEIE fully supports students in taking part in scientific research and innovative activities. The college proposes a new training mode which combines both popularization and improvement, and puts the mode as one of keys to enhance comprehensively the quality of talents. In recent 5 years, more than 80% students have been benefited directly from the new training mode. CEIE students have achieved great results in various types and levels of innovation contests and won more than 150 national and provincial level awards, such as in the national undergraduate electronic design contest, the free scale cup intelligent car racing, “Challenge Cup” national undergraduate curricular academic science and technology works by race, students’ scientific research achievement of Hubei province, outstanding bachelor's thesis of Hubei province etc. CEIE also pays attention to the development of comprehensive quality of its students. It provides a lot of colorful stages for students to challenge themselves and show their talents.

No pains, no gains. The education quality and the employment quality in CEIE are improving steadily year by year. Having solid professional basic knowledge, excellent comprehensive quality, strong employment competitiveness and broad fields of employment, CEIE graduates have received high praise widespread. Even in 2013, which is regarded as the most difficult employment year in history, 75% of all 372 senior students in CEIE have already signed employment agreements. The employment rate and employment quality of CEIE graduates is consistently ranked at the forefront in the university for years.