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A review of Image Quality Assessment methods with application to Computational Photography:Presentation by Professor Henri Maitre from Telecom ParisTe
Author:Lin Liang      Published Time:2015-11-15      Views:

November 13, 2015 Professor Henri MAITRE, director of signal and image department, former vice president of Telecom ParisTech. Vice editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Remote Sensing Letters, IEEE Image Processing, Pattern Reconition, Pattern Recognition Letters and Traitement du Signal. Author of Advanced Signal Procesing and Processing of Synthetic Aperture Radar Images. Professor MAITRE was invited by the College of Electronics and Information Engineering, and visited our school and brought to our students and faculty a presentation entitled A review ofImage Quality Assessment methods with application to Computational Photography.

Professor MAITRE presented the results of his research concerning Image Quality Assessment methods with application to Computational Photography. He showed image quality has been the object of a great interest and excellent studies may be tracked back as early as in the 70s. The purpose of this presentation is first to clarify the reasons of these domains to have been separated, then to go through each field, to resume the most important results it hosts and to discuss on which benefits we may hope for when using it. At the end of this presentation, he will exemplify our words on a specific problem issued from one of the main objectives of computational photography: the light field calculation.

The participation of academic seminar promotes foundation for formation of academic argumentation, public speaking skills of students and young teachers, and promotion of the integration of the college of Electronics and Information Engineering in global scientific networks.