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Professor C. Agosta visited the College of Electronics and Information Engineering
Author:梁玲      Published Time:2013-12-13      Views:

Professor Charles C. Agosta was invited to visittheCollege of Electronics and Information Engineering. During the visit, he delivered a talk entitled “Pulsed Magnetic Field Studies of Inhomogeneous Superconductivity in Organic Materials” at the university’s International Academic Exchange Center on December 13, 2013.The audiences were attracted by his brilliant speech and asked several questions, showing great interests.The lecture ended with relaxing and happy atmosphere.

C. Agosta is a professor at the Department of Physics, Clark University, where he is also the Chair of Physics. He is a low temperature experimental physicist and now he also heads the technical/innovation section of the Institute for Energy and Sustainability, a joint project of Clark University and Worcester Polytechnic Institute. His current research interests are lower dimensional superconductors in very high magnetic fields and heat transfer in gas boundary layers. Given his deep interest in complicated instrumentation, he and his collaborators have developed a pulsed magnetic field laboratory where experiments are performed in one of the highest magnetic fields available at any university in the United States. Meanwhile, Agosta is also CEO and co-founder of Machflow Energy, Inc., a clean-tech company that is developing highly innovative heat transfer technologies revolutionizing air conditioning and related applications. They have created a disruptive Bernoulli Principle-based heat pump that works in a closed cycle using noble gasses that have no adverse effects on the environment, such as global warming, and avoids high pressures and associated compressors. The technology can be applied to heating and cooling applications from the scale of bio-chips up to buildings.